A global initiative developed by gastroenterologists, sponsored by Pfizer Inc.

About IBDLink
Learn about the mission of IBDLink and what makes it a unique global initiative, with the goal of improving the care of patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). Gain insights on new resources to help enhance patient care.

Improving Communication With Patients

Research shows that significant communication gaps can exist in physician-patient interactions across all disease-state categories. The process of identifying and eliminating those gaps is increasingly viewed as a critical component of treatment success, particularly in chronic disease areas such as UC.
physician speakingphysician speaking

Overcoming Challenges in Meeting Patients’ UC Treatment Goals

Although treatment options exist for UC, numerous patients remain inadequately treated, according to 3 leading experts in the field. On behalf of Pfizer, David Rubin, MD, Marla Dubinsky, MD, and Corey Siegel, MD,a discussed the core challenges and issues related to addressing unmet patient needs at the Digestive Disease Week conference in May 2016.
Physician and patient in officePhysician and patient in office

Understanding the Issue of Unmet Needs in UC and Its Impact on Your Patients

Gaps in physician-patient dialogues negatively impact setting treatment goals, and patients’ involvement in decisions related to their medical care underscore unmet patient needs in UC treatment today. Learn how to address these and other key clinical issues.
Physician and patient exam roomPhysician and patient exam room

Addressing the Barriers in UC Management

Insufficient physician-patient communication may be a barrier to effective patient care. Learn about the role and importance of communication in treating UC.
Physician’s DeskPhysician’s DeskPhysician’s Desk

Clinical Resources to Support Patient Care

Review and access a growing array of clinical resources that can immediately be applied to help improve patient care.

About the Leaders of IBDLinka

IBDLink partners with a global committee of highly experienced GIs to provide healthcare professionals like you with information to help improve the care of your patients.
aCommittee members are paid advisors for Pfizer Inc.